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93 Octane.png

4 X 4

DDH Double IPA 8.7% ABV: 
Characterized by notes of mango, pineapple and melon, this Double West Coast Style IPA is dry hopped twice with Mosaic and Citra hops. Coming in at 8.7% ABV, this beer has 4X the flavor and 4X the aroma of a traditional west coast style IPA. 60 IBU

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Art History Brewing.png

Bauhaus German Pilsner

Art History Brewing:  5%  A light bodied attenuated lager brewed from barley mat.  Known for its signature brown color, bitter tasste and excellent retention and floral hop aroma

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Capital Brewing.png

Atumnal Fire Bock

7.8% ABV 
Alluring and intriguing, a legendary doppelbock with malt complexities hinting at dark fruit and mysterious sugars. Brandy Snifter time!porter.  Strong notes of Craft Brewed Coffee with a smooth milk chocolate finish.

Crystal Lake Brewing 1.jpg

Crystal Lake Brewing

Beach Blonde              5.3% ABV. Beach Blonde is our lightest offering. It glows golden like the sun and supports a creamy white head. The finest imported malts produce a slightly bready character with a touch of honey-like sweetness, while noble hops provide a clean, crisp, spicy finish. 


5.8 ABV. Here’s to the best reason to look forward to fall each year! Our traditional autumn German lager is characterized by subtle flavors of fresh baked bread, hints of honey and malt sweetness. A slight herbal hop note adds to the complexity. Prost!  

Dry City.png

Dry City 

The Moon

Berliner Weisse, 3.4 %.  Our take on the classic German sour wheat.  This refreshing beer starts clean, transitioning into a moderate tartness with subtle bisque and finishing dry, leaving you ready for another sip.

Chemical X

Hazy IPA, 6.7%.  Big, pillowy aromas of melon, currants & tropical fruits. The taste is like a book, subtle bitterness and pine on the font and back end, with plenty of bursts of tropical juiciness in the middle.

93 Octane.png

93 OCtane

Clown Car

Cream Ale w/ German Chocolate Cake 4.9% ABV Clown Car German Chocolate Cake has all the sweetness and creamy mouthfeel of its predecessor but with a chocolate and coconut twist!

Hugger Whip

5.2% AVB “Cruisin’ around in your Hugger Orange Whip back in the day was a classic. Inspired by the classic muscle car color Hugger Orange, this American orange Wheat Ale reminds us of another nostalgic piece of americana… the Dreamscicle!

On Tour Brewing Company 1.jpg

On TOur
Brewing COmpany


5.8% ABV  German-style Märzens are often found during Oktoberfest seasons throughout Germany. Märzen translates to "March" because these were traditionally brewed in March and lagered until September. Rich malt character backed up with a subtle noble hop bitterness.

        Reprise IPA          The artist formally known as It Takes Two is now Reprise. This West Coast-style IPA packs a punch beyond fragrant hop aroma with its bright citrus, passion fruit, papaya and lime notes with a smooth finish due to the nitrogen. 7.0% ABV




 Raspberry Wheat Ale / ABV - 4.8%   A beer with hundreds of pounds of fresh Raspberries can only be considered the perfect beer for Summer, right? Right. Beckoning for friends, beer gardens, and sunshine, “Summerly” will aid in the process of forgetting Winter because Winter is the absolute worst thing ever. Also, this one runner-guy we know even said it’s great after intense workouts. Brewed with three different kinds of wheat and 2-row malt from the good ol’ US of A, this wheat ale will refresh even the thirstiest of palates.


 4.5% ABV   An easy drinking Blonde Ale brewed exclusively for Jewel Osco. Brewed with American 2 Row malt, Honey Malt, and Flaked Oats, a light Citra hopping in the whirlpool keeps this beer easy drinking and crips with a pleasant melon and citrus hopping.


D+G Brewing.png

D&G Brewery

Angry Water

This IPA is our newest West Coast IPA. Piney, bitter, citrus-y, and refreshing. 

Cowtail Milk Stout

7.0% ABV  is a jet black coloring, with a dense, creamy, tan head. Nose of rich caramel, tangy crème, and chocolate. Very rich. You will notice flavors are extremely rich and tangy.


CHUrch Street Brewing

 Holy Cow Stout

6.5% ABV
We are proud to offer this traditional English Sweet Stout that’s bursting with chocolate flavor and a hint of coffee. A dark ale, milk stout has just a touch of sweetness provided by the addition of non-fermentable lactose sugar.

Hauch Von Himmel Hefeweizen

 4.8% ABV
A classic Bavarian style hefeweizen. Unfiltered and highly carbonated with notes of banana and clove. Hazy golden in color, utilizing a decoction mash, Andechs Weiss yeast and Noble hops for a delicious, refreshing traditional summertime brew.

Blueberry Vanilla Sour 

6.5% ABV  Sour Ale with Blueberries and Vanilla

Second City Meadery.png

Second City Meadery

Black Raspberry Angelic Mead

12% ABV Off dry black raspberry

 Existence is Pain

11% ABV  Black Current Mead w/ Vanilla

Central Waters Brewing.png

Central Waters

Tequila Barrel-aged

Key Lime

6% ABV Pouring amber orange with a subtle hint of haze, the nose offers notes of honeycomb, lime zest, vanilla, and agave. Soft and spritzy on the tongue, it begins with a burst of oak and vanilla, followed by a mouth-watering mix of salt and acidity. The finish is refreshingly limey and bright, leaving the palate thirsty for another sip.

Salty Dog Sour

5% ABV  This is one salty dog we think you're gonna love! This sour ale is brewed with grapefruit and sea salt. I mean, it's grapefruit. It's real grapefruit. We like real grapefruit!

Spiteful Brewing.png

Spiteful Brewing

God Damn

Pigeon Porter

8.2 ABV  If you live in the city, you are well aware of the pigeon menace. This rich and roasty Porter will take your mind off of those God Damn pigeons. This beer is dank, chocolately.  Hints of coffee and toffee with a slight hop presence.

Bleacher Bum

Bleacher Bum is pouring a hazy shade of gold, the aroma here is soft and biscuity, with a hint of peach. Blonde ales can finish on the sweet side, but even with the peaches, this one is nice and refreshing. All said and done, a light and fruity, thirst quencher. 5% ABV

Buckle Down Brewing.png

Buckle Down Brewing

Cactus Pants 

Lager 4.5 ABV This crisp Mexican-style lager is gold in color and easy to drink. Perfect on its own or with a wedge of lime.

Party Pillow

Wheat Beer - 5.3 % ABV Hefeweizen A pale, refreshing German-style wheat beer, brewed with a large percentage of malted wheat, this party has a dry finish and fluffy mouth feel. Authentic German Weissbier yeast provides the distinctive soft banana and clove character.

Goose Island.png

Goose Island Beer CO.

Biscotti  Stout  

9.9% ABV At Goose Island, we believe ideas and inspiration can come from anyone in the Goose family, and our Biscotti Stout is a perfect example that came from our very own HR team. The biscotti enhances flavors already found in our Bourbon County Stout and adds strong notes of nostalgia from your Italian grandma’s kitchen. One sip and you’ll be reminded of pizzelle cookies, Easter Pane di Pasqua and, of course, almond biscotti.

Tropical Beer Hug

his big 9.9% Imperial IPA is super juicy and bursting with tropical flavors. Just the thing to accommodate a swing in the hammock. 

VIP Pours

Quirk Seltzer

At Boulevard Beverage Company, we celebrate eccentricity. Quirk Spiked & Sparkling seltzers are infinitely enjoyable, brimming with unpredictable individuality. With real fruit juice and clean, all natural ingredients, these unique flavors are 100% guilt-free, and 100% delightful.

4 flavors to choose from. Pear Yuzu, Hibiscus Lemonade, Watermelon Salt & Lime, Grapefruit Twist

Blakes Hard Cider.png

Blakes Hard Cider Co.

Carmel Apple

5.5% ABV Caramel Apple is joining the Kinder Cider Series, made in partnership with Keep Growing Detroit with a mission to raise funds and awareness for Urban Gardens. KGD is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting a food sovereign city where the majority of fruits and vegetables consumed by Detroiters are grown by residents within the city.

Blueberry Lemonade

6.5% ABV   Electrify your tastebuds with juicy blueberries, tart lemons and our five apple blend. Kick back and enjoy this bold lemonade, fresh from our farm to your fridge.

Special thanks to all our breweries and partners!

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